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With Plasma, LED and LCD TVs getting more substantial and thinner, getting your TV mounted on the wall isn’t as simple as hanging it. When you call us, we’ll send one of our technicians to help you pick the best bracket for your TV. Our TV installation professional will discuss with you what you’d like done to the cables, like hiding them out behind brackets and behind walls, giving an exceptionally tidy and neat look to the custom installation.

Bespoke Flat TV Mounting

We are proud of our highly customized TV wall-mounting, where we handle all kinds of settings and meet your tastes no matter the technicalities involved. We’re specialists in-wall TV installation and provide professional, reliable, and honest advice to you regarding various services and products that would be required to meet your unique TV installation needs and finish your perfect setup!

Your basic flat screen mount might require these add-ons and services:

  • Articulating TV mount
  • Tilting TV mount
  • Video/Audio wires hidden in the wall
  • Soundbar installation
  • Mounting on distinctive wall surfaces (concrete, tiles, brick, cement, etc.)
  • Hanging TV mount

Once we’ve finished your bespoke TV installation, your room will be left tidy and neat. We’ll carefully hide all cables, and you won’t even believe there are cables at all. Before we go, we’ll ensure everything is okay so you can get the best possible entertainment experience.

Plan the Perfect Bespoke Installation

You might have different watching needs for different rooms. We can suggest the perfect location for your brand new flat-screen TV, even further down to the optimal viewing angle. We’ll handle all of your boxes, players, and accessories to ensure everything works as expected.

We care for you and are ready to help if you need bespoke TV installation services. We’re only a call away. Get in contact with us today to get your new flat screen installed just the way you want it fixed.


Looking for Your TV Installed on the Wall?

It’s an open secret that today’s TV is bigger, more fragile, and more complicated. So, if you’ve bought a TV, it makes perfect sense to contact our experts to professionally wall-mount and install it for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

Types of Walls to Install Your TV



This is the most robust wall on which to mount a bracket as it’s hollow. But our technicians have all the individual wall brackets that can hold more than 60 kg per fixing.




Studded walls are the hardest walls to install a bracket on as they are hollow. But our team of installers are fully stocked with special wall anchors that can hold over 60kg per fixing.




This type of wall can hold any bracket, but you must still take care when fixing the brackets. If you smash the mortar between bricks, it may cause both your TV and wall mount to go off-level.



These walls can be as much as 10 cm thick, so it can be challenging to get a secure attachment for the mount. We’ve got lots of individual brackets just for this kind of wall.


TV Wall Installation Benefits

One of the top features of an LCD, LED, or plasma TV is the ease with which it can be installed on any wall. This will leave your entire room looking more beautiful and will also release clutter and create a vast amount of floor space within the room.

Want Your TV Mounted On Your Wall?

Our professional TV wall installation service comes with many benefits, and our team of technicians can mount your flat screen within a day of you giving us a call.

We provide a wide variety of brackets to ensure you get the right one for your TV. We’ll also ensure that your flat screen is at the perfect level on your wall and provides you with the ideal viewing angle. If you’re ready to have your TV installed on the wall, be sure to contact us today.


All of our TV installations are available at set prices so you always know the cost before we begin the job! We offer a full range of brackets like tilt, flush, slim or low profile brackets and full motion brackets. Our high quality wall mounts can hold televisions from 22“ up to 90“. Call one of our experienced technicians now on 01-4458543 who will be happy to fit you in! Mounting or installing your brand new HDTV is rarely a DIY job. It involves a high degree of experience and knowledge to get the installation just right! Wherever you decide to set it up your new TV, wall mount, ceiling mount, above the fire place our professional, RECI certified and fully insured technicians are on hand to complete the installation at a time that’s convenient to you! We specialize in installing all types of TVs and have every type of fixing to make your TV installation go smoothly so if need install your high-definition TV professionally Call our office today.



Wall-mounting your TV can improve the look of your living room and provide a sleek modern look. You first need to determine the height at which you’d like your flat-screen TV placed.

We offer different kinds of TV installations in Dublin, no matter your type of wall, TV brand and size. We’ve got vast experience installing various types of wall mounts, including flat, tilt, and swivel.

We can install your flat-screen TV above your dresser, fireplace, console, or anywhere you’d like.

Flat TV Bracket

This is the most basic yet highly effective TV wall mount. It’s the least visible, fits tightly on the wall, and is often totally hidden from view when installed. It’s the perfect choice when you’ll mainly watch your TV at a fixed point.

Tilting TV Brackets

This wall mount is perfect if you want to tilt your TV up and down for optimal viewing angle. This type of mount brings your screen away from your wall, helping reduce or eliminate reflections from room lights and windows.

Swivel TV Bracket

The swivel TV bracket is the most flexible type of wall mount you can buy. This type of TV bracket will let you move the set to nearly any position. You can swivel your set while eating and turn it back to view in your living room.

This TV bracket is often of heavy build for use with larger screens and needs fitting to a stable block or brick wall. When installed, you get ultimate control—you may swivel it, tilt it, pull it out or push it back with a sleek well-engineered movement.

No matter what kind of TV install you pick, ensure there’s an electrical outlet near the installation point. You can rely on us for all of your wall TV installation needs. Please contact us whether you’re looking for recommendations or have already bought a wall mount.

Comfortable viewing

Whether you’re looking for a full swivel, flat or tilt bracket, our technicians have all kinds of brackets to fit your needs. Having your TV mounted at the right height and with a suitable bracket can give you the perfect watching angle. This will help everybody in the room view the TV and avoid neck cramps caused by looking up the TV all the time.

If you need your TV professionally wall-mounted, please give us a call today.


On the surface, wall-mounting a TV seems like a great idea. It lifts the TV to where everyone can easily watch it and saves floor space. But if you begin the process with no plan, it might quickly turn disastrous. Before installing your TV on the wall, we recommend that you know where to install and at what height.

Where Can I Install My TV?

Location is the first thing you need to consider before installing a TV bracket. There’s so much more to location, such as sun exposure, viewing angle, location of the nearest power outlet, and where you’ll keep your connected gadgets.

Then there’s the question of where all cables will go—hanging wires can be quite an eyesore. It’s a terrible idea to install your set above a fireplace, however counter-intuitive it may seem.

At What Height Can I Install My TV?

There’s no one answer to this question. In other words, it depends on various factors.

Most people prefer to place their TV slightly below their eye level—that’s fine if you believe that would give your room’s decor a somewhat peculiar quality. If you aren’t comfortable placing your TV that down low, you can put it at eye level instead.

But then again, this is no exact science—the height to install your TV depends on your preference. It’s quite easy to measure the most comfortable height for you. Sit where you’ll be viewing your set the most and work out your ideal eye level. It need not be super accurate, so it’s okay if you’re off by one inch or so.